The average cost of a garage conversion in Essex is in the region of £9,000 for a single garage and £14,000 for a double garage.

Although the above is an average garage conversion cost for Essex, garages do vary in their dimensions and existing specification and there are a couple of variables which will determine the total cost of your garage conversion.

Condition of existing garage

The key factor which can increase your garage conversion cost is the condition of its existing structure. For example, if your garage is a standalone outbuilding with single-brick walls and a roof constructed from corrugated sheets, you may be looking at a garage conversion cost of up to £5000 alone to bring the structure in line with current building regulations. Whereas if your garage forms part of your home, is enclosed by at least two interior walls and has a room above it, the space won’t be far off current building regulations already.

Position of existing utility meters

The second factor which can mostly influence your garage conversion cost is whether your existing gas or electricity meters are sited within your garage and whether you want to relocate them to another part of your home. Moving both meters to another location can cost anywhere from £1,000 to £3,000, with a large chuck of this going to your utility suppliers who charge extortionate rates for moving their incoming services. Depending upon your supplier, the cost to move each meter can be anywhere between £300 and £1,200. If you are unwilling to relocate your meters due to the cost and work involved, a simple and often popular option is to simply build a cupboard around them or hide them behind a stud wall and create a hatch for access.

Necessity of an external window

The third factor which will alter your garage conversion cost is dependent upon what you do with your existing garage door. Whilst most people choose to have their garage door removed and replaced with a brick bay or standard window to match and blend in with the remainder of their home’s façade, you may opt to keep your garage door in-situ and ask us to create an insulated stud wall behind it. Although the cost of replacing a garage door with a window and façade to match your home is the region of £1000 more than simply installing a stud wall, the issue of where your new space will get its natural daylight from will crop up.

Height of existing floor

The final factor which can significantly alter your garage conversion cost is dependent upon the height of your existing garage floor in relation to the floor height in the remainder of your home. Most people request that the floor within their garage conversion is finished at the same level of that in their home. Whilst this is usually feasible without much additional work, in the unlikely case where your garage floor is not much lower than that within your home and the depth is not sufficient for new insulation and a final floor finish to be accommodated, the entire garage floor will need to be excavated.

The typical single garage conversion will take three weeks to complete and a double garage usually takes four weeks to convert. However, these durations are dependent upon the condition of the existing garage

All garage conversions, where a liveable space is being created, will require building regulations approval from your local authority.

If you have any further questions regarding your Garage conversion in Essex or would like a fixed price for us to create your new space, please feel free to contact us and arrange a free home visit.

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