All scaffolding will be erected first so we have a platform to work from. Materials will be delivered to site along with a skip. We will make an access hole in to your loft space from the outside, we will use this as our access at the start of each day, and this way we won’t disrupt your usual living routine. All the old insulation will be stripped back along with anything else that isn’t required so we have a blank canvas.


All RSJ’s, flitch beams and timber beams will be installed along with all the new floor joists, the building inspector will want to view the progress at this point then we will lay the new floor


The dormer will be constructed along with velum windows installed; we will then make the roof weather tight. All the new stud walls and structural walls will be constructed, this will then allow us to strip out all the old roof timbers that are no longer required, the weight of your roof is then transferred to all the newly installed beams and structural wall


Electricians and plumbers will carry out their first fix, running all of their pipes and cables to where they will need them at a later date. Your loft will be insulated; the building inspector will want to check this has been done properly. If all ok, your loft will be plaster boarded. At this point the hole will be made in your ceiling for your new staircase; the staircase will then be installed.


Your loft will now be plastered. Once it has dried, new doors can start to be hung along with skirting, architrave, stair hand rails and window boards.


All finishing touches will made, a final tidy up of site and your new loft space is ready for you to decorate.

If you have any further questions regarding your loft conversion in Essex or would like a fixed price for us to create your new space, please feel free to contact us and arrange a free home visit.

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