About Us

Inspires building solutions has been established nearly 20 years as a specialist building and refurbishment contractor.
We operate the company out of offices in Southend On Sea. with a core of 4 experienced full time workmen, along with associated sub-contractors, it gives us a good bass to offer a comprehensive range of professional building and refurbishment services to clients in Essex

As a principle contractor, we have experience with project, contract and time management, and along with a comprehensive health and safety policy, we are able to run and complete any project.
We have a varied client base which include Residential property, Schools, Hospitals, Retail outlets and Insurance companies.

We always plan a project to meet our client’s needs, whether that means out of hours, weekend or time restricted works…
In short, whatever your business and scale of your project, we are committed to giving you excellence as standard and value for money. By no means can we guarantee our price to be the lowest, although it almost certainly will not be the highest, but we can guarantee that our quote will be the fairest and most realistic to complete your project on time, on budget, to your expectations and with the same care and attention that is given to each project we undertake. We want you to be delighted with your new space for years to come and for it to be trouble-free.

Our quotations are clear and detailed. Show you precisely what work we will undertake for the price. We sign a contract with you prior to starting any work and agree a payment schedule which we use to invoice you. Finally, we ask you to retain 5% of the total invoice for two months after completion as a defects liability period, to make sure that you are comfortable in the knowledge that the work will be completed to your expectations.

Before commencement of every project, we draw up a construction programme and provide you with an easy-to-understand copy. You then know what work will be undertaken each day and can plan your time around the more disruptive days when we inevitably have to be a little more noisy and/or messy.

We want our services to meet your highest expectations and where possible, to exceed them. We are committed to giving you excellence as standard and value for money.

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